Shavonda Dixon new 9th District School Board representative

Feb 6, 2024 | by

Shavonda Dixon has been appointed as the interim 9th District School Board representative. The seat will be on the ballot this fall.

The School Board seat became vacant in December when then-representative Nicole Jones was appointed to the City Council seat left empty by Mike Jones’ election to the House of Delegates.

From Ms.Dixon:

I am deeply honored to assume the role as the newly appointed School Board Member for the 9th District. It is with a profound sense of responsibility that I accept this position, acknowledging the trust you have bestowed upon me to advocate for our community’s educational needs. My genuine commitment is rooted in contributing to the growth of our schools, ensuring that every student has the opportunity for a quality education.

I am eager to collaborate with fellow school board members, the superintendent, and our constituents. Together, we can continue to create and reimagine an environment where learning flourishes for our children, teachers receive the support they need, and parents are actively engaged through collaboration and transparent communication.

I humbly look forward to hearing the community and constituents’ ideas, concerns, and aspirations for our schools. With your valuable input, we can collectively foster an educational system that empowers our students to reach their full potential in the 9th district and the city of Richmond as a whole. I extend my sincere gratitude for entrusting me with this crucial role, and I am eager to contribute to the positive development of the educational community in the City of Richmond.

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