PROFILE: Studio Two Three

Feb 13, 2024 | by

Karen Newton at Style Weekly has a profile of Studio Two Three and a look at their new digs on West 15th Street:

Unlike on Clay Street, which was one big open space, the Manchester building has rooms. Downstairs are the print studios, one for traditional printmaking processes such as letterpress, etching, linoleum printing and any kind of offset printing and a second for screen printing, where the studio’s merchandise is printed. Bookmaking, complete with a binding machine and saddle stitch stapler, and Risograph printing for large run printing jobs occupy yet another room.

Having the opportunity to design the space to suit their needs resulted in a much-improved configuration. “It’s laid out so much better because we worked with the architect on what equipment we had and how it should be grouped,” Hawkins says. “It’s a definite leveling up of our print shop for users. We’ve elevated the print shop but it’s still fun and playful and collaborative.”

PHOTO via Studio Two Three

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