Drainage improvements happening but slowly

Mar 9, 2024 | by

With rain in the forecast comes flooding for many in South Richmond. wric8 channels residents’ ongoing frustration (previously) with the missing infrastructure:

Donald Bryant lives off Richmond Highway and told 8News that, when rain is on the forecast, he says one of the first things he does is grab his shovel to prevent his front yard from turning into a pool.

“It ain’t no drainage around here, period,” said Bryant. “And when it rains, the water come all out into my yard.”

The Department of Public Utilities’s RVAH2O has a map of ongoing projects. The list of improvement projects in planning includes 12 projects in planning, with 6 projects under construction and 8 already completed – the vast majority of which are drainage improvements.

The photo up top is from the Cavalier Court Drainage Improvement Project (PDF), which addresses standing water within ditches and a failing outfall culvert, towards improving drainage throughout the area.

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