Brookside (circa 1893)

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After John Cullen Robertson (one of the original owner-developers of the Forest Hill streetcar line) died in 1922, his widow, deGraffenried “Graffie” Taylor Robertson, demolished their mansion Brookside.

Robertson subdivided and developed her estate into thirteen lots on semi-circular Brookside Road (originally the estate’s driveway). She built her personal residence at 3708 Brookside Road, in which she incorporated mantels and materials from the earlier house. Other houses along Brookside Road were built for Robertson heirs.

Additional lots were carved out of the former Brookside property in the area along Forest Hill Avenue and the center circle was also sub-divided and built out in the 1940s.


photo via City on the James. Richmond, Virginia by Morrison, Andrew, ed; Richmond (Va.). Chamber of Commerce

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