Know your city: Police Precincts and Sectors

Apr 7, 2024 | by

The city of Richmond Police Department divides the city into four Precincts (MAP). South Richmond is part of the 1st Precinct, all of the 2nd Precinct, and part of the 3rd Precinct. The 2nd Precinct headquarters is on Belt Boulevard, the others are all north of the river.

Each Precinct is split into 3 sectors (MAP), with a Lieutenant who is responsible. This Lieutenant is often the face of the department that you’ll see at civic meetings and the like.

South Richmond covers most of Sector 112 in the 1st Precinct, all of Sector 211, Sector 212, and Sector 213 in the 2nd Precinct, and part of Sector 311 and all of Sector 312 in the 3rd Precinct.

City wide crime information and for each precinct and sector is organized and available for download. The city’s Crime Incident Information is another source of data, with options to search by area, time frame, and incident type.

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