Ruffin Road Elementary

Apr 10, 2024 | by

The standalone building that was Ruffin Road Elementary was built in 1965 in what was then Chesterfield County. The property, still owned by the Richmond School Board, appears to have been vacant since July 2019.

I can’t find any info about what might be next for this unique spot. Anyone know of any plans?


UPDATE from Becca DuVal 🪴 RVA Dirt!

During the Jan 24th budget meeting the superintendent recommended the board consider whether or not to bring this school back online as part of a long term strategy to relieve overcrowding around southside elementary schools. (This year they’re adding 4 trailers to G H Reid Elementary to address overcrowding, and hundreds of students still learn in trailers at Broad Rock.) The Board hasn’t weighed in on this option yet, likely will get covered when they receive the full facilities condition assessment report due back in May.




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