Council agenda includes funds for tree planting, urban farming training, & playground beautification

Apr 22, 2024 | by

The agenda for tonight’s City Council meeting includes one item on this side of the river – and that a continuation from last time around:

  • ORD. 2024-073 To amend Ord. No. 2023-071, adopted May 8, 2023, which adopted the Fiscal Year 2023-2024 General Fund Budget and made appropriations pursuant thereto, to (i) create certain new line items in the Non-Departmental agency, (ii) transfer $830,485.00 from the Office of Sustainability, and (iii) appropriate such $830,485.00 to the new line items in the Non-Departmental agency, all for the purpose of providing grants to certain entities to facilitate the implementation of neighborhood climate resilience projects.

    (This will kick money to Richmond Tree Stewards for Swansboro Tree Planting and Maintenance, Southside ReLeaf for Blackwell/Charlie Sydnor Playground Beautification, The Happily Natural Day for Urban Farming Training Support, and Living Water Community Center LLC for Southside Native Tree Planting, among others)

IMAGE via @southsidereleaf

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