Huey Lightbody and Ra-Twoine Fields artists talk TONIGHT at SCAG

Jul 11, 2024 | by

Artist talk TONIGHT at SCAG:

We welcome you to join us for our upcoming artist talk with solo exhibiting artist, and curator, @rosxtta. Artist and curator will discuss the current exhibit: “They Call Me Pain”.

We are excited to host this talk as they discuss the creative process, conceptual framework, shifts in life, intersectional experiences, shadow work, mental health and more. Join us for a full exhibit viewing, walk through, and intimate artist talk this Thursday night!

“Enter into a dialogue involving and engaging the formalities of my work. Here, I delve into the processes of personal survival mechanisms and why they exist. From the deep seeded facticity of my being, I reflect on imposed ideologies from conception. In truth, any era of my work and presentation unto those external is an in-depth dive. The immersion is one of openness creating uncomfortable spaces that release me and you. This exhibition sparks a vulnerable exchange between self, observer, and those in relative space, nurturing an atmosphere where uncomfortable realities find liberation. Encapsulating the gritty realities of my life, this showcase unveils unfiltered truths and navigates through a raw, visceral visualization. “They Call Me Pain” delves into addiction and obsessive compulsion, capturing the entire spectrum of my sourced passions, now offered here for you to exhume in intimate space.” -Lightbody

Free + Open to the Public!
Artist Talk: Thursday, July 11th • 5pm-9pm
General gallery hours: Thursday-Saturday • 12pm-6pm
Private appointments: Tuesdays + Wednesdays

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