A map of murals and street art across South Richmond (March-May 2024), by Heather Myers Barker and John Murden. Select a location on the map or scroll down.

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Taboo / 5100 Midlothian Turnpike / by Miguel del Cuadro
3053 Hull Street / by Crud City
Say No to Drugs (1989). Barely visible, but still there. Photo via James Branch Cabell Library Special Collections and Archives
By All City Art Club at Blue Dot Studios (August 2019) / 2622 Hull Street
Artist unknown. In the alley between Dundee Avenue and 34th Street
Artist unknown (2017) / 5th and Maury
This spot is the most amazing collection of mural & street art in Richmond. Paint Party building (2019) and other walls, work by MEME, Medusa, Nico Cathcart, Roshi K, Skane Design, FREAK, ENVYS, Jered Fykes, Jowarnise, Jam, BlackBelt Jones, and more
Marx Street & East 8th Street. By MICKAEL SOLOMON ROSEDALE
Street Art for Slow Streets in Bellemeade, designed by Silly Genius of All City Art Club / Wright Avenue & Lynhaven Avenue / photo via Bike Walk RVA
4 Corners Express
3101 Hull St by All City Art Club
335 E Broad Rock Rd by All City Art Club
Seafarm Seafood mural by All City Art Club
Atlantis Good Service Equipment by Black Belt Jones, All City Art Club
There are 2 Swansboro murals, one on each side of the street / 2052 Bainbridge Street
The Blackwell Drip mural / 1625 Hull St / Heide Trepanier and Chris Visions September, 2020
Sankofa Community Orchard / 309 Covington Rd / A collection of mural panels ringing a community orchard. No photos do this space justice - you need to go stand on the dirt for your self.
Brown Girl Narratives mural / 1125 Hull St / By Austin “Auz” Miles Worked with Kristal Brown on the Brown Girl Narratives project which examined experiences of Black women in Richmond
S. Ross Browne and Amy Smith (August 2020) / 1100 Hull Street
Silly Genius. Panel date unknown, shipping container work in progress Mar 2024 / Broad Rock Community Garden 404 East Broad Rock Road
[GONE] / Pixel Pancho (2012) / 1202 North Hull Street / Photo via Richmond Mural Project
Rise and Shine by Sure Hand Signs and Emily Herr
by Andre Shanks
By Esteban Del Valle, with other work by other artists as well. Site of the 2016 RVA Street Art Festival, faces imminent redevelopment.
By Naomi McCavitt. Building also has work by Night Owl and Surehand Signs (previous site of 2016 Night Owl "Witch").
Artists/date unknown
ART 180 project with Curtis Gutierrez and students from George Wythe and Huguenot High Schools June 2010
By Silly Genius
By Fransmercine and nadd, commissioned by Nore Than Art / summer 2021
By Matt Lively
By Davis Flores
By Surehand Signs
Artist/date unknown
Artist/date unknown
By Rick Haywood / 3416 Hull Street
By Nick Kuszyk / 3500 Hull Street
artist/date unknown
By _jhop_ / 2024
artist/date unknown
artist/date unknown
By _dkane, commissioned by Nore Than Art / December 2022
By Tim Skirven. Behind the Veil on Forest Hill Ave
By @barryokeefe and @maharichabwera. Detail views HERE.