Philly Vegan’s JUSTICE shirts on sale to clear meals tax debt

Jan 19, 2024 | by

On the hook for $37,000 in back meals taxes that they were told by the city that they did not need to collect, Philly Vegan is selling JUSTICE shirts to help recover.

From Philly Vegan:

Many people have asked how can they support, or contribute to us financially as we recover from the impact that the City of Richmond’s error caused our restaurant. A lot of people have wanted to start a “go-fund-me” campaign to help with lawyer fees and etc, but we have come up with an option that will benefit us and you. Over the years our staff shirts have featured words such as “love”, “peace”, “alchemist”, “unity”, and much more. For the first time ever we are releasing a Philly Vegan shirt available for purchase by the public, AND it features the most appropriate word for this moment in time “JUSTICE!” This shirt is only $20 and AVAILABLE NOW for purchase via our website, or for in store purchase beginning on 1/20/24(this Saturday).

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