The Butterbean, Hot Diggity Donuts, Dogtown Brewing Co. somehow only now facing foreclosure

Jan 19, 2024 | by

Richmond BizSense has a great in-depth look at the current machinations around the Michael Hild properties Manchester:

Local lender Virginia Credit Union is suing the embattled Richmond businessman in an effort to take control of some of his Manchester real estate holdings.


The properties it’s targeting are: 1200-1206 and 1213 Hull St., home to the Hilds’ Butterbean café and Hot Diggity Donuts, both of which have been shuttered since around 2020; the building at 1209 Hull St., which houses the Hilds’ shuttered Dogtown Brewing Co.; a vacant lot at 1124 Bainbridge St.; and a small home at 2010 Maury St.

PHOTO via The Butterbean

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