Richmond’s most nutso bike ride is this Sunday

Jan 30, 2024 | by

The R.A.T. (Richmond Alley Tour) is a 120ish mile ride that starts/finishes at the Stone House in Forest Hill Park, and winds through the city’s best & worst alleys in between. The first 20 miles are all on Southside, grab your cowbell and make a ruckus for the riders!

The R.A.T. (Richmond Alley Tour)
START: 7AM Sunday, February 4, @ Stone House at Forest Hill Park

From the event site:

Inspired by mad genius Paul Workman’s original Roanoke version – “a cycling experience like no other” – we’re stoked to bring this monstrosity of a ride to Richmond. Paul’s route has only been completed 6 times, and with good reason: it’s insane. Lose your sense of time, place, and self as you adventure through 120ish miles of river city alleys… all within 8 miles of the start point.

This is a ride-at-your-own-pace, urban route through public streets and alleyways with all the challenges you might expect and maybe some you won’t. Be on the lookout for cross-traffic, pedestrians, potholes, trash, glass, etc. You’re going to want tubeless tires. You may even want some suspension. If you hope to finish, bring lights. Prepare for the elements. Prepare for mechanicals. Prepare to be barked at a lot. It’s a great route to bring a buddy or make a buddy. Bookmark the GRTC Sunday route map for a free escape plan.

2 thoughts on “Richmond’s most nutso bike ride is this Sunday”

  1. Man it really was bananas! Maybe 50-70 people came out. I rode the first 20 miles or so, up until they went across the river.

    We’d ride and ride and lose all sense of where we were and then pop out like a mile from the starting pint. About 10 miles in, one guy described it as feeling like we’d been everywhere and no where.

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