Update on the Semmes/Forest Hill/Dundee project

Feb 16, 2024 | by

The Semmes Avenue/Forest Hill Avenue/Dundee Avenue/W. 34th Street Pedestrian Safety Improvement Project (PDF) might get going this spring – or maybe not.

The project was once slated to be completed by the end of 2023. Most recently no contractor bid on the project late 2023 and it went back out for bid in January 2024. Current bids are due on February 21, 2024. If a bids are submitted and one is accepted, it could be 60 days or so until construction actually starts; if no bids are received the project will be advertised again.

Core to the plan is putting a stoplight at 34th Street and Semmes Avenue. This will vastly improve the safety of getting through that intersection to/from Patrick Henry School of Science & Arts.

To get enough traffic through that intersection to justify the cost of the stoplight, the block of Forest Hill behind WPA/Laura Lee’s/etc will be made east-bound-only to force traffic up 34th to Semmes. On-street parking behind the business will be converted angle parking.

The current traffic light at Dundee/Semmes/Forest Hill will be removed, and a cross-on-demand style light and crosswalk will be placed in front of Crossroads.

Following repeated requests at public meetings regarding the project and with the support of Councilmember Stephanie Lynch, after the construction is complete the city will pilot converting the stretch of Semmes Avenue directly in front of the businesses to one travel lane with parking and a buffered bike lane. The current set up is two lanes of vehicular traffic and parking, where many a car has lost their side mirror.

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