Willie Hilliard appears to be in the mix for City Council 6th District seat

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Willie Hilliard appears to be a candidate for the 6th District City Council seat, challenging 20+ year incumbent Ellen Robertson.

Hilliard has not made an official statement, but Saturday updated his previous campaign Facebook page, describing himself as “Richmond City Council candidate in the 6th District” and with related graphics.

He was a candidate for the 3rd District City Council seat in 2020, coming in 2nd in a close three-way race.

The 6th District is a long skinny district that stretches from Highland Park in Northside to Bellemeade in South Richmond.




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  1. It’s official:

    Willie Hilliard for Council
    April 23, 2024



    Today, Willie Hilliard, a barber, renter, and community leader from Northside, is officially announcing his candidacy for City Council in Richmond’s 6th District. Willie is a long-time community advocate and has seen monumental shifts in his community over the last few decades.

    “The people of Richmond have rebuilt this city from the capital of the Confederacy into a thriving multiracial community filled with creative, entrepreneurial, passionate people,” said Willie.

    Residents across Richmond are facing rising costs, housing displacement, crumbling infrastructure, and underfunded schools. Willie knows that if the City Council focuses its attention on people first—not the for-profit interests of the ultra-wealthy donor class—we all can have the resources to thrive.

    “We don’t need outside business interests to make our city thrive. We need to support the people who are already making our city great,” said Willie, “We need a city government that will support us, as we revitalize our own community.”

    To that end, Willie’s campaign is refusing money from corporate donors and seeks to help take back City Council from big corporate interests, so that government works for the people of Richmond and serves us.

    Willie Hilliard has served as organizer for the North Side Food Access Coalition—a community based organization that created a community garden and farmers market after the city provided no solutions for food scarcity in the area. He is also the president of the Brookland Park Boulevard Business Association and has been instrumental in the transformation of the business district from a blighted corridor to a thriving multiracial community filled with innovative small businesses.

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