The oldest frame house in Richmond

Apr 4, 2024 | by

Built in the late 1750s, the Patteson-Schutte House at 5613 Kildare Drive is believed to be Richmond’s oldest frame house.

The Old Stone House in Shockoe is just a little older, and St. John’s Church in Church Hill dates to 1741.

The property was part of more than 100 acres sold to Benjamin Schutte by William Byrd III, son of William Byrd II, the founder of Richmond. The house was built by James Patteson, the overseer of the plantation. A Patteson family cemetery is located next to the property.

The Schutte family sold off the land and the home after the Great Depression.

When Historic Richmond purchased the property in 2006, it had been vacant for years, had no power nor water or sewer connection, and was facing demolition. After restoration by Jim Whiting, Historic Richmond sold the property in 2011, while maintaining easements on the house.

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