Church struggles to handle drug use and overdoses outside their doors

Apr 6, 2024 | by

WTVR has a story and video with Pastor Joe Reeves at Tabernacle Praise Ministries (at the corner of Toler Furniture Co Street & Hull Street):

A Richmond church that serves the homeless during the day had to temporarily close its doors, its pastor says.


However, he said this week he walked outside the church to find multiple people overdosed on drugs and lying on the ground.

Reeves said the work they do can’t happen with that type of activity taking place, so they closed the church temporarily to regroup and increase safety.

No joke – that corner there and the vacant church across Hull are ground zero for something.

3 thoughts on “Church struggles to handle drug use and overdoses outside their doors”

  1. Hello, I feel that the pastor need to take s more serious approach and leave all those jokes alone. He very playful and I don’t know if I should take him serious as a pastor!!

  2. Hello,I need to also say that it’s crazy how mrs Shelia which is one of the church members that sit alongside the pastor, went outside and stood over the people that overdosed and took pics and sent them to others. When your freaking with GOD YOU DO BUT DO THINGS LIKE THAT!!!. Never know who may see the pics or who they might send them to people do have family and friends.

  3. My Prays to the pastor the Shepherd of the house. I pray that God strengthen you to keep calm and carry on .you are at ground zero where the enemy thinks he going to get his way in that community. Your church is there as a light in the darkness.Pastor do not give up remember the enemy only attacks where he see God is working .

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