Tavares Floyd in the mix for 6th District seat (UPDATED)

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Tavares Floyd has announced for the City Council 6th District seat, joining incumbent Ellen Robertson and challenger Willie Hilliard.

Up until very recently Mr.Floyd was liaison to the current (and longtime) 6th District representative Ellen Robertson for 4 years. He has quite a bio posted on his website:

Tavares is also a lecturer at George Mason’s Carter School for Peace & Conflict Resolution. Tavares served as Special Assistant to the Chief Programs Officer at Martha’s Table in Washington, D.C. Tavares has had the chance to be a Special Advisor at the United States Department of Agriculture during the Obama Administration. He has worked on many campaigns – local, state and national levels, to elect Democrats. Tavares served as the Law Clerk for the Louisiana Legislative Black Caucus. Tavares helped spearhead Medicaid expansion in Louisiana – under the leadership of Governor John Bel Edwards. Tavares was selected as a public service Legal Fellow for the Southern University System, Office of the General Counsel. He also has interned on Capitol Hill.

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POSTED 4/4/24 / UPDATED 4/8/24

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  1. From the campaign:

    Tavares Floyd Announces Official 6th District City Council Campaign Kickoff Event April 28th

    Floyd Promises a People First Campaign with Continued Exceptional Constituent Service Delivery, Unbought Leadership for 6th District

    April 25, 2024

    RICHMOND,VA — Recent, former 6th District City Council Liaison/Chief of Staff, Tavares Floyd, is officially announcing that he will run for the Council seat to continue representing and working with the 6th District in November’s City Council election. A longtime public servant, Tavares has cultivated a reputation as an advocate for the 6th District who prides himself on being accessible and present to 6th District constituents for problem solving while providing independent, responsible leadership.

    Floyd will host a Campaign Kickoff Event on Sunday, April 28 at 6:00 p.m. at Ember Music Hall, 309 E. Broad Street. A large, energetic crowd ready for change is expected.

    “Serving the people of Richmond’s 6th District as a Liaison/Chief of Staff of the City Council was a responsibility I took very seriously, because the people of our community deserve nothing less than a true advocate who will always do whatever he can to deliver for residents,” said Floyd. “The 6th District and the City knows me as a leader they can trust and count on to provide assistance whenever it’s needed, and also as someone who can make the tough decisions on what’s best for our city without bowing to political pressure. I look forward to continuing walking door to door and connecting with friends and neighbors and building towards a victory in November. Change is needed – and we are on the brink of it happening. We’re going to win, there’s no doubt.”

    Floyd served in this capacity for nearly 5 years and has always served in a career field centered around people, a reflection of his dedication to public service and willingness to be a consensus builder and leader. Floyd has accomplished much in Richmond. He thanks those who have served the City in various leadership capacities but understands that Richmond is a changed City that needs new leadership and fresh perspective to be reflective of that change and move the City in the right direction. The City needs leaders that simply want what’s best for the people.

    Aside from providing outstanding constituent service, Floyd has focused on improving quality of life issues and protecting the neighborhood feel that makes Richmond so special. Floyd, cousin to the late George Floyd, will work to bring change in a major way. His main concern is the people. Floyd will address infrastructure needs, support initiatives for attainable housing, empower small businesses and entrepreneurs, support law enforcement and take a transformative approach to public safety and uplift and support vulnerable residents – amongst other priorities.

    http://www.tavaresfloyd.com | 5806 Grove Avenue #111, Richmond, VA 23226 | info@tavaresfloyd.com

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