A proposal for a Public Art Park in Manchester

Apr 25, 2024 | by

A petition by Ian Hess for an Public Art Park in Manchester:

Here’s the plan: create a public arts park designed to be a cultural landmark that is free & open to the public & any artist who is here or visits Richmond. We believe this is at minimum 35 years overdue. Richmond constantly sells itself as an Arts City — it’s time for them to put their money where their mouth is.

This ties in perfectly with Richmond’s Public Arts Master Plan & can set forth a new, broader Richmond that — we believe — will become a defining city of the East Coast. When people think of the Arts in the United States, they will come to think of Richmond.

A park with free, interactive walls that can be a place where a father takes his son on the weekend to paint something together. A girl scout group can make a design together & paint in order to earn a badge. A space where teens & young adults can hang out without getting into any trouble. A place where traveling international artists can spend a weekend. This will create an outdoor 3rd Place where all are welcome & the Art is constantly shifting & growing. A training ground for future muralists. A tourism & cultural destination.

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