Derek Starr Redwine in for open 4th District School Board seat

Apr 25, 2024 | by

Derek Starr Redwine has put in for the School Board 4th District interim appointment and is interested in running for the open seat but has not yet filed any paperwork.

Redwine began thinking about running before the seat was vacated – motivated, he says, by seeing a need for the School Board to find a way to be cohesive towards being effective on larger issues.

When asked about how a School Board member could be involved in all the schools, Redwine says that have an open line to principals in the district and would like to see quarterly listening sessions in the community.

If not chosen, he like ultimately for the position to filled by someone who can approach the responsibility of the job with “humility, listening, and advocacy.”

A native of Houston, Texas, Redwine is Covenant Pastor for Discipleship at First Presbyterian Church (his wife is Pastor and Head of Staff), is a former teacher, and has 3 children in the public schools.

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