Angela Fontaine next in for 4th District School Board seat

May 8, 2024 | by

Angela Fontaine is now listed on VPAP as a candidate for the open 4th District School Board seat.

Can’t find a campaign page yet, but from her LinkedIn:

I have over ten years of experience in various sectors, including private, government, and nonprofit. I hold certifications in transition and leadership and have extensive experience in working with individuals from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures, skill sets, and abilities.

My core competencies include mentoring, coaching, employee development, facilitation, strategic planning, and implementation. I utilize holographic thinking and optimism to support clients through change and growth while navigating challenges efficiently. I craft and conduct interviews, coach staff at all experience levels, and consult on community-based projects to ensure alignment with the values of the organization and the community they serve. I also create individualized growth plans, action plans, and accountability loops for clients at all career levels. My mission is to support people to do their best work and live their lives authentically.

Garrett Sawyer, Wesley Hedgepeth, and Derek Starr Redwine are also in the mix for the seat vacated by Jonathan Young.

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