Ribbon cutting at newly remodeled Walmart today

Jun 14, 2024 | by

From the press release:

Walmart Unveils Fifth Metro Richmond Remodeled Supercenter
at Sheila Lane Location

RICHMOND, VA (June 13, 2024) – This Friday, June 14, Walmart will reopen its newly remodeled South Richmond Supercenter to provide customers with high-quality services and enhanced shopping experiences.

The store located at 2410 Sheila Lane will hold a community celebration, including a ribbon cutting ceremony, the morning of the reopening.

Upgrades to the Supercenter are part of Walmart’s Signature Experience, which seeks to inspire customers and provide them with a seamless, high-quality shopping experience. Upgraded features include improved store layouts, expanded product selections and innovative technology that allows Walmart associates to better support customers and make shopping more convenient and enjoyable.

2 thoughts on “Ribbon cutting at newly remodeled Walmart today”

  1. They need to open some of those registers. Ihad to wait 20 minutes in line just to get to the self service register. Some people do not want to use them. The employees need to get off those phones or stop talking to each other so they can offer assistance. How can you get assistance for something off of the top shelf when you’re been told it’s not my department. Food Lion will be my store from now on.

  2. That’s awesome! Hopefully the upgraded features improve the grocery delivery process. I’ll switch my location back to Sheila for my next delivery to find out.

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