Richmond ranked 31st best in Virginia for cycling

Jun 25, 2024 | by

With a score of 24 (out of 100), Richmond ranks as the 31st best community in Virginia for cycling, 171st in the region, and 984th in the U.S. according to the 2024 People for Bikes City Ratings. This is a very modest improvement on the 21 that Richmond scored in 2018.

Richmond scores low access cycling access to:
– parts of the city where residents live
– jobs and schools
– places that serve basic needs, like hospitals and grocery stores
– recreational amenities like parks and trails
– major shopping centers
– major transit hubs

This isn’t just about people riding bikes. There are too many neighborhoods that aren’t safe for cyclists, pedestrians, and children. There are too many neighborhoods disconnected from amenities and necessities – jobs, groceries, parks, shopping – that are core to healthy communities.

Below is a map of high-stress and low-stress areas for bicycling in Richmond. Pretty much mirrors what I imagine a similar map for experiencing the city as a pedestrian would look like.


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