Starling in the mix for 9th District City Council seat

Jun 20, 2024 | by

VPAP now shows Stephanie Starling as a new candidate for the 9th District City Council seat held by Nicole Jones.

Can’t find any campaign presence, but we’ve reached out to find out more.

Starling had applied for the interim posting the City Council 9th District seat when it became vacant after Michael Jones was elected to represent the House of Delegates 77th District.

From a December 2023 Times-Dispatch article when Starling was seeking the appointment:

Starling, a consultant with Verizon, said her greatest asset is being a lifelong resident of the city. She has spent 37 of her 52 years in the city living in the 9th District. Starling said she applied for the appointment because she knows what the community needs and what its residents want to see accomplished in the district.

If appointed, Starling said she would focus on improving infrastructure, ensuring access to services to those most vulnerable, building up community outreach and providing better schools.

One thought on “Starling in the mix for 9th District City Council seat”

  1. Stephanie has a lot of experience working with the Democratic Party as a Community Leader and would be a real asset to the 9th district. In addition, she has been A Community Liaison at Virginia’s 69th House of Delegates district, and a Former Ward Chair- 9th District at Richmond City Democratic Committee. She especially cares about the seniors.

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