New box culvert to stop flooding on Whitehead Road

Jun 21, 2024 | by

The project will alleviate flooding and the final work will include new sidewalks!

From RVAH2O:

swipe through to install a brand new box culvert along Whitehead Road ➡️

this box culvert is going to bring ✨ major upgrades ✨ to Whitehead Road by adequately conveying Pocosham Creek under the roadway. plus we’ll be installing about 2,400 linear feet of sidewalk (with crosswalks and ADA ramps) when we restore Whitehead Road.

we are thrilled to be able to bring these upgrades to Richmond’s 9th City Council District and will share more updates on our Whitehead Road Culvert Replacement and Sidewalk Improvements Project as construction progresses this summer—stay tuned!

One thought on “New box culvert to stop flooding on Whitehead Road”

  1. This project has caused land loss in my backyard due to excessive erosion from high water. Please contact me.

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